Best makeup remover in india

Sensibio is the water based makeup remover specially invented and manufactured by Bioderma in France to remove makeup from skin, eyes and lips. It's the best makeup remover in india for sensitive skin.
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Sensibio H2O removes 99% of make-up from all three layers of skin and is a deep, easy and instant makeup remover. The question of how to remove eye makeup generally arises, and the answer to that is just to swipe off the makeup using a cotton pad and the micellar water, sensibio effectively dissolves and breaks down even water proof and water resistant makeup. Sensibio is detmatologically tested product and is safe on allergic, intolerant and sensitive skin, it is recommended by doctors, pharmacists and makeup artists.

The unique micelles of Sensibio H2O have a similar structure to skin’s cell membrane, thus, have great skin tolerance. This high quality water prevents any kind of skin reaction or irritation. The Ph level of Sensibio H2O is 5; exactly the same as the skin tolerance.
It contains 0% controversial ingredient which ensures maximum tolerance. Sensibio H2O is hypoallergenic and does not have alcohol, paraben, soap, fragrance etc.

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